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With over ten years of cutting edge development experience, a discerning eye for design and a passion that never settles, I am constantly challenging myself with each and every project. I am currently working full-time at GoPro, where I am leading an application team that is developing compelling user experiences. I also fly drones, play golf, tennis, surf and skate. Feel free to check out some of my work below and drop me a line at tdmadison[at]gmail.com.

Here are just a few of the great brands I have worked with...

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Recent Work

GoPro Plus Media Library

The GoPro Media Library Web App is where GoPro Plus subscribers can access, view, edit and share their content online from anywhere.

Built with: Node, Hapi, React, HTML 5, SASS

Role: Software Technical Lead / Senior Software Engineer

GoPro Plus Media Library

GoPro Login App

At GoPro we are building the cloud based experience. This marks as the single sign on entry point for a serires of applications to come!

Built with: React, HTML 5, CSS3/SASS and Node.

Role: Senior Software Engineer

GoPro Login App

Twitter Compass

At Tomorrow Today as a side project, we developed Twitter Compass - a data visualization tool that creates a sort of 'fingerprint' of a user's twitter activity: time of day, tweet length and most used character frequency. When all of these are combined they create a cool design, unless of course the @user has lame activity.

I developed the application using: JavaScript, HTML 5, CSS3/SASS and the Twitter API of course. Leveraging the 2D drawing context of the canvas element that allows you to render these charts with smooth, seamless transitions.

Role: Senior Front End Engineer


Blu Homes

As part of the redesign of Blu Homes was the responsive development portion, this site was designed for tablet and then it gracefully scales to larger screens, there is no mobile breakpoint.

This was a modular system in which each module had different modes and could be mixed and matched to create the desired type of page as described in the design system.

Role: Senior Developer


Google Play Store Product Configurator

At Odopod/Nurun I developed the Google Play Store product configurator as part of a large scale modular responsive website redesign.

Built with: Angular JS, HTML 5, CSS3/SASS, Grunt, Node and JSON data. With a handful of directives and a few custom event modules it was ready to hand off.

Role: Senior Developer


Dolby Responseive Redesign

Dolby came to Nurun looking for a fresh new design direction and to be updated to a fully responsive modular website. This is where the dev team I worked with shined, since we had just launched the re-design and development of Sony Global. (a two+ year undertaking)

Role: Senior Developer


Sony Global Web Transformation

This was a two year development project in which at Nurun I started with responsive prototypes for proof of concept to the design team. Once we proved a few of their designs through numerous iterations including user acceptance testing, the Sony Global Web Transformation responsive module system was born.

Role: Senior Front End Engineer

Sony Global Web Transformation


At Tomorrow Today I developed the front end of this application with Angular JS as the framework, along with SASS as our CSS preprocessor and many other latest technologies in tooling such as Gulp js as the build tool.

The application takes an Instagram user name or hashtag search and creates an abstract pixel average of the most recent 36 / 60 photos from that stream. Producing some really cool results!

Role: Senior Front End Engineer

die mold

AP Extended Watch Browser

The extended watch browser is a faceted single page application using a custom MVC framework specifically tailored towards AP's complex watch collection.

Role: Senior Developer

bark chopper

Audemars Piguet - Savior Faire

This was a large section of the AP site, it includes three sections total. Within the craft page they have this long scrolling page with many interactive features. On the second section there are four pages with different interactions in each illustrating the complication that has been chosen.

Role: Senior Developer